Third Party Devices

After entering your ME number, you will see what products you need for retrofitting the SECTION-Control BOX.

Plug and Play – SECTION-Control for Update.

The SECTION-Control Box is the convenient retro-fit solution for GPS-controlled boom section switching for sprayers. Besides ME products such as SPRAYDOS, UNI-Control S and SPRAY-Control S, also product-related equipment such as AMASPRAY+ can be easily upgraded. Besides the BOX, you will need a SECTION-Control capable terminal from Müller-Elektronik such as the BASIC-Terminal or the new TRACK-Guide II.

The upgrade is easy and convenient – plug and play. Simply plug the SECTION-Control BOX and the terminal between the original control box and the existing machine cable harness and connect the voltage supply – done! The regulation and automatic boom section switching will now be done via the new terminal, while the hydraulic functions will be still operated by the control box. With the new terminal you will have access to all apps (software applications) that Müller-Elektronik offers and make your sprayer a state-of-the-art unit again.



This video will show you the operating mode of the SECTION-Control BOX